Sales and Marketing 101: Benefits, Not Features

This article is a refresher on some basics of sales and marketing that often get forgotten in the hustle and bustle of actually making sales. Though these may seem basic, taking a step back and looking at the core elements of the sales and marketing processes might be just the thing to expose a trap in a […]

Using CRM Systems in Unique Ways

The primary use case for a CRM system is, of course, to manage customer relationships. Most programs that exist today are optimized for performance in this space: essentials like tools for tracking sales and integration with common marketing software tend to squeeze customer relationship management software towards a very narrow function within the overall needs […]

8 Overlooked Productivity Hacks for Outlook

Microsoft Outlook can sometimes be weighty and complex when not used properly. Smaller features that can easily enhance day-to-day business aren’t always front and center, but when implemented together they can have a meaningful impact on your workflow. We’ve documented the most commonly-used productivity enhancers in our Guide to Using Outlook. Mastering the productivity tips […]