Domains for Measuring CRM Efficiency

At its core, customer relationship management is a strategic approach to understanding, measuring, and extending the customer-business lifecycle. As much as it involves technological innovation in the way customer transactions are monitored and in the way sales teams perpetuate the use of new data, CRM is typically implemented by mid to upper-level managers whose main concern is […]

The Right CRM Program Part III — Money & Time

This is the final installment of Selecting the Right CRM for Your Company, a series of articles where we discuss the key points you should be thinking about if you’re looking to implement a new system for your business. Here, we discuss the two overarching constraints of any business or software implementation endeavor: time and money. […]

The Right CRM Program Part II–Features & Functions

In our last post, Selecting the Right CRM Program for Your Company, we discussed how a company’s environment and today’s hosting options affect CRM system choices as they relate to long-term business goals. To continue this discussion, here we focus on how to weigh features and functions of CRM programs against those goals. Shopping for a […]

Inbound Marketing and CRM Strategy

Inbound marketing and customer relationship management both trade on the same basic principle: interacting with your company shouldn’t feel like a chore. In the ideal case for both, customers feel like a valued part of your business and have reasons to come interact with it beyond a new product purchase or need for technical support. Basically, customers […]

Sales 101 — Researching Sales Prospects

Making a sales call or setting up a face-to-face meeting without detailed background information can leave a rookie salesperson feeling desperate and worried. When a customer starts asking pointed questions, new salespeople often end up lacking the context to answer appropriately, and in turn can lose the customer’s confidence. When a customer’s confidence is undermined, […]

Sales and Marketing 101: Benefits, Not Features

This article is a refresher on some basics of sales and marketing that often get forgotten in the hustle and bustle of actually making sales. Though these may seem basic, taking a step back and looking at the core elements of the sales and marketing processes might be just the thing to expose a trap in a […]

Using CRM Systems in Unique Ways

The primary use case for a CRM system is, of course, to manage customer relationships. Most programs that exist today are optimized for performance in this space: essentials like tools for tracking sales and integration with common marketing software tend to squeeze customer relationship management software towards a very narrow function within the overall needs […]