Turbocharge Outlook

You use Outlook everyday...  Morning, noon and night.  It's the foundation of your business activities.  Why then would you use another tool to manage your sales force?  That was our question...  We couldn't find an answer, so we built one!

Built for Outlook | Proven for Business

Forget the cost of training your team on a new CRM program.  Gone are the days of begging sales to enter information.  Prophet does it automatically and all inside of Outlook.

Seamlessly Integrates With...

Why Prophet CRM?

Built Inside Outlook

Think of Prophet as a power-booster for Outlook.  It was built from the ground up to enable your team to work in the same environment they've known for years.

The true power of any CRM is when people actually use it.  With Prophet CRM your sales team simply communicates the way they've always done.  

Automatic Sales Tracking

Prophet CRM's auto-tracking gives you detail regarding each member of your sales team. Your data will help you understand why some sales team members seem to consistently close more sales, while others don't. Use this information to determine best sales practices and elevate the performance of your entire sales team.

Proven for Business

Prophet goes way beyond just helping grow sales.  It enables entire companies to operate and communicate better.

We've been in business for over 10 years and have never stopped innovating.  Our 94% retention rate is evidence that Prophet CRM works.  

Ready to embrace a platform your team will actually use? It all starts with a conversation.  Let's have one today!


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Features of Prophet CRM

Mobile Ready

Get access to manage and update your essential contact and sales pipeline data through a dedicated iPhone or Android mobile application. Respond to customer requests, send updates, track sales progress, and see customer information in Prophet CRM Mobile Edition for iPhone and Android.


Avidian’s professional services team can connect Prophet CRM to front and back office systems using a variety of field-tested integration methods, including Scribe Online, Avidian API, and Zapier. Our team will work with you to accomplish the integration as part of a Prophet CRM installation, defining the data and processes required keep your organization connected.

Industry Focused

We understand that every business and industry has unique needs. Avidian’s CRM consultants will help you customize ProphetCRM to meet your taxonomy, workflow, and reporting requirements. Industry templates with come bundled with all Avidian CRM implementations. Our consultants will ensure you have what you require to capture and report on your business.

Facts About Prophet

94 %
Renewal Rate

A staggering 94% of Prophet CRM users renew year after year.  It simply works.

23 %
Increase Sales

Prophet CRM has consistently proven to increase sales by an average of 23%

78 %
Customer Service

Prophet isn't just for the sales team.  78% of our clients use it for customer service too.